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Crazy Richard’s Website

Crazy Richard’s Website on a laptop surrounded by Crazy Richard's Products

After creating the packaging for Wholly Rollies, Crazy Richard’s wanted to take some of the same principles from the Wholly Rollies brand and apply them to their other brand touchpoints, starting with their website.


We continued our research into Crazy Richard’s customers, taking cues from the research done on Wholly Rollies.

To create consistency between Crazy Richard’s various brands, we pulled the bright color pops from Wholly Rollies and applied them across the site.

Crazy Richard's website homepage
Crazy Richard's website homepage Wholly Rollies
Crazy Richard's website homepage Peanut Powder

The website was supported by original photography to help promote their products and evoke the family-focused lifestyle that the company was known for.

Photo of PB Powder on tan background
Photo of creamy Peanut Butter on a teal background
Photo of Crunchy Peanut Butter on a orange background
Crazy Richard's Wholly Rollies on purple photo sweep.

Each product page takes on its own unique personality by color-matching each product with its own brand color palette. And parallaxing ingredients and clear typographic hierarchy help Crazy Richard’s tell a better story.

Crazy Richard's mobile product pages

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