We helped a company passionate about healthy snacking launch a new product.

Crazy Richard’s Wholly Rollies


Crazy Richard’s has always been known for their all-natural, peanut butter. But now they had an opportunity to define the protein ball category.

Crazy Richard’s came to us with an idea for a peanut butter protein ball product that would live in the frozen aisle. This first of its kind product was going to be a game-changer for the small peanut butter company and gave them a chance to define a category much like Kleenex did for tissues.

Crazy Richards Crunchy Peanut Butter on a kitchen countertop

We began by testing three rough visual directions on their target audience. The concepts were called “Sane,” “Nuts,” and “Crazy.”

Each concept capitalized on a few of Crazy Richard’s brand values of dependable, playful, everyday, giving, and simple. The sane concept stayed close to home—mimicking the design language of their peanut butter packaging, the crazy concept was over-the-top fun and youthful, and the nuts concept was somewhere in the middle of the two.

Wholly Rollies Whiteboard

The sane design was too boring.

The crazy design was too fun to be healthy.

The nuts concept was just right.


But what the heck were we supposed to call these? How about “Wholly Balls?!”

Some lame mom said “That’s too inappropriate for my kids!” 


Fine. Maybe Whollies? It’s fun, easy to say, and it’s not “innapropriate for children.”

Some lawyer said “we can’t own that name.”


After weeks of ideating it finally came to us. How about “Wholly Rollies?!”

Moms and Lawyers agree, It’s ownable and safe for children.

PB Cacao Wholly Rollies on red backdrop
Cinnamon Oatmeal Wholly Rollies on Yellow backdrop
PB Strawberry Wholly Rollies on Purple Backdrop
Daughter tossing a Wholly Rollie into dad’s mouth while her brothers cheer him on.

Wholly Rollies were an instant hit. Crazy Richard’s sold out of their whole inventory in just a few weeks, and major competitors were already trying to figure out how to copy it.

A father and son sharing Wholly Rollies on the couch.

Garnering the attention of retailers like Kroger, Sam’s Club, and Amazon, Wholly Rollies are “rolling” into stores nationwide. 

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